Digital Nomad: Technology Choices, Sacrifices, and Solutions

If you’re a digital nomad you will discover that as you inventory your pack the vast majority of cost went into the technology.

Just getting a new unlocked phone cost more than all my clothes, daypack, mainpack, and toiletries. That is insane.

I made a critical packing decision thanks to an insight from my brother, who is far more tech intelligent than myself. I was complaining about trying to slim down from a 55L pack to a 40L pack. The reason being 40L is within carry on size.

The issue was the clothing and toiletries were already at a minimum quantity and the tech was causing overflow and adding substantial weight: both major problems.

This is when he recommended I simply use my cell phone with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and drop my Macbook and charger. This was a game changer. The nomad in me loved the idea. The techie in my feared the thought of existing without my 13″ laptop which was essentially an extension of my existence for the past 10 years.

I hacked together a perfect solution which in may ways is better for traveling than anything I could ever imagine. I use my DJI Osmo 3 Gimball as a phone stand which puts my cell phone near face level and pair my bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse.

One major change I made was switching from my iPhone to Android’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus which I’ll outline in a separate post as it is the ke lynchpin around which everything in my tech pack operates.

Here are my tech pieces by order of importance: Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Gimball, Max travel sized portable battery, Drone.

The gimball operates as my key tool outside of my cell phone itself because it plays a role in my nomad office setup as well as throughout my days on the streets to capture wobble free footage.

The drone shoots the most impressive and interesting footage but you cannot use it all the time which limits it’s usability moment to moment. It also takes time to setup which means its use must be anticipated in advance.

The one piece I passed on was a GoPro. After looking at prices and all the dumb accessories you need to bolt it onto I decided I could live without it. Plus it’s expensive! It’s crazy to think a GoPro with a few accessories runs the same price as my Drone which shoots in 2.7K, flies for 30 minutes at a time, comes with 3 batteries (totaling 1.5 hours of flight time!). It was a no brainer and in hindsight I’m certain I made the right choice for my trip. If I was doing extreme sports all the time with high impact it might be a different story.

As it turns out, if you pack right you adapt quickly and I have not missed my macbook one bit on a daily basis.

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