Hacks & Hazards: Saigon, Vietnam


There are super attractive girls here.

If you want a local vibe I enjoyed District 4 the most. Spend a full day there roaming the streets and wandering into new stretches of the neighborhood you will find many hidden treasures.

If you miss home (and you’re Western like me) check out District 2 for the food, people and drinks.

It takes a full 3 days to get into the swing of things. It’s a fast moving city with tons of people.

Use Grab never trust the taxi meters. Added benefit Grab tells you your fare before the ride starts.

Count your change slowly and carefully. It’s common for the taxi drivers to short you especially when you first arrive and are still getting used to the currency conversion 4000:1

Great city if you have at least a week to kill there and don’t like to be a tourist. It’s a city that’s made for it’s people and it can be a lot fun.


A lot of hustling and scamming. Trust your instincts.

Vietnamese are polarizing in personality. Most of the women are super sweet and friendly. Many of the men think they’re gangsters: smoking cigarettes, tattoos, drinking at all hours of the day, and willing to fight you. I got into it with some of the locals. You may get an occasional angry glare from some of them if you are recording a video and they’re in it unexpectedly.

For a big city there’s almost no parks or green spaces. District 1 is a giant tourist trap. It wasn’t for me but I already booked a hotel.

Brace yourself for non stop cigarette smoking and beer. The smoking is 24/7. Coffee is for 8-10am. Theres plenty of locals hanging out at the cafes having a drink by 10am.

All the major tourist attractions are well outside the city limits so be ready to go in longer bus rides if you plan to sight see.

Drones are illegal here. Allegedly it’s a militarized city.

Taxi cars are often not available unless you’re willing to wait. Be prepared to hop on the back on a scooter via Grab. Nothing can prepare you for your first ride. Hold on for dear life and be ready for a combination of shock, terror, and we as your grab motorbike driver drives the opposites way down a 4 lane road!

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