Hacks & Hazards: Tonle Sap, Cambodia


After a long tuk tuk ride (45 min) we arrived at the ticket counter. I read many stories stating the entry fee is $20. They asked for $30 and I thought he was overcharging us. I insisted and pulled up articles stating $20 but he showed me the price sheet at $30 which is steep. We hymed and hawed, seriously considering turning back and heading home. They guy suddenly broke said “ok $20”

If you have a drone and its quiet season you may be lucky enough to have a private boat sailing the length of the river to the mouth of the ocean. Don’t hesitate to ask the driver to slow down in certain areas.

Once at the ocean you are dropped off at a floating restaurant. It’s fun for about 15 minutes but there’s no where to go! Ask your driver to take you further out to watch the sun set.

If you have a drone this is a perfect place to fly it! Here’s my footage and it wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular without it.

A drone POV is actually amazing because you cannot tell how dense the forest is nor how isolates you truly are until you see from above.


If you have a drone be mindful of the homepoint as your homepoint will be wherever your boat/controller are. I got lucky!

It’s quite a poor community so tip the folks that give good service or are genuinely helpful. The smiles or gratitude are worth every penny.

Don’t forget to actually enjoy the sunset! I was so fixated on getting the perfect drone videos and photographs that I realized I barely took the time to enjoy the moment! It’s very special but it’s really only a 1 day experience so don’t get too caught up trying to capture the moment, let it sink in!

I wish in hindsight I had parlayed the trip into staying with a local. That would’ve been a truly local experience well worth it. How many people can say they stayed overnight in a remote floating village to watch the sunrise, sunset with a local family! Homestays are super underrated and many locals are more than happy to have you.

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