2020’s: Hot Mess Decade

we live in times of great dishonesty and fakeness. repeated fakeness is the poor man’s version of dishonesty. another term the poor use is hustle but let’s save that for another day. dishonesty without consequence is the rich man’s privilege.

the poor are faking it till they making it. that happens on Instagram. that happens in their shopping habits. the rich are drawing directly from the coffers of freshly minted money. that spigget doesn’t run dry until the revolution arrives.

so why bring this up? because with everyone playing this game together, the sober ones see the reality but are told it’s not cool to discuss and get swept aside. this is the natural progression of humanity. en Vogue always Trump’s the truth.

until humanity’s collective intellect rises we will always be driven by our basest emotional drivers. I’d give it another decade or two until the poor realize there’s a problem they’re willing to put their bodies on the line for.

people at the bottom knowingly get taken advantage of. on some level they must know at a certain age. for some they stick their head in the sand. for others they progressively think through solutions then come to realize there are only two. one requires enormous amounts of money. the second requires masses of human support.

the first option of making enough money is futile because that’s playing the rich man’s game. this leaves option two, which the rich man has also figured out through utilization of money to sway popular opinion through fake news, subtle advertising, paid influencer statements, etc.

so if societies problems stem from a lack of money but we also cannot outearn the rich then we are left in the position where we are helplessly complicit in being taken advantage of.

this is why after thousands of years the collective might of a herd of buffalos has never figured out they can easily out muscle a small pack of Lions.

the only conclusion you can draw from all this is the rich are good and getting better with each passing day. the rich are the living American dream. the poor fight to protect the rich because the rich are the poor man’s dreams. it’s a vicious cycle for the poor. and things will never change unless the poor make a move because doing nothing but running from the real threats is just being another buffalo on the Savannah.

My Prediction: Trump reelected. Bernie should be president if people used their brains. we’ll never know since it’s not the popular vote that counts. the American people will continue getting scammed by the rich for all of 2020. China will take over during this decade in terms of sheer economic might. America slowly loses power and influence as its population becomes less intelligent as a whole and it’s leadership makes increasingly desperate moves to ward off collapse via debt through hyper inflation. we live in the era i call The Hot Potato.

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